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Dr Robert Cerny

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
The A-Z Of Retention And What The GP Dentist Can Contribute

Saturday, 15 September - 3:20pm

This presentation will cover the historical development of orthodontics beginning with Dr E H Angle. Angle and his colleagues had constant problems with relapse. The profession attempted to resolve the relapse problem with fixed metal retainers, however, these had high maintenance concerns and were aesthetically unacceptable. Removable retainers were then used for over a century but these presented very long-term compliance issues which most patients did not appreciate.

In the early 1980s, Prof Bjorn Zachrisson and others promoted the use of ‘invisible’ composite bonded retainers which have proven to be very successful in preventing relapse and are well accepted by patients. The dental profession should be aware of the essential need for permanent retainers and the procedures required to repair and maintain them.

Dr Cerny graduated 1972. BDS Sydney University. 1978 MDSc (Orthodontics) Sydney University. 2013 Ph.D. (Orthodontics) University of Newcastle, Ourimbah Campus. He served three years in the RAAF, 1973-1976. Dr Cerny has published more than 15 papers in both Australian and International orthodontic and Dental Journals and written one book on Evidence-based Orthodontics. He has lectured in Australia and overseas on various orthodontic topics.

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