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Caroline Draine

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
My Health Record

Friday, 14 September, 4:30pm

By the end of this year, every Australians will have a My Health Record as a part of the 2018 My Health Record Expansion Programme, unless they choose not to have one. My Health Record is a central communication tool that allows different healthcare providers to view and upload important health information to their patient’s records. This presentation will cover the benefits of registering to access the My Health Record system, how to access the provider portal and how using My Health Record can improve the quality, efficiency and safety of the care you give to your patients.

Caroline Draine is a Stakeholder Engagement and Training Officer who works with healthcare providers to register and train them with the My Health Record System. Caroline believes that My Health Record system has the capacity to improve efficiency, safety and quality in the health care system. Caroline holds a Masters of Public Health from Melbourne University.

National Convention Centre Canberra