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Dr Greg Peake

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Implant Generics - Mainstream Or Cheap Copies? Can We Use Them?

Saturday, 15 September - 3:20pm

Dental implant manufacturers have streamed their products into three categories.  These categories of premium, value and budget reflect their classification.  With thousands of different implant designs now available, the practitioner has a responsibility to provide the patient with the best possible implant.<br>Do premium implant systems justify their increased price or can we move to a cheaper implant without affecting the clinical outcomes.  This presentation will deal with the complexities faced by the modern day implant surgeon and attempt to negotiate the minefield of literature which is available or not as the case may be to support YOUR decision to place a particular dental implant.<br>The dental implant industry by 2021 is expected to be worth almost $USD13 billion and more than 20 million implants will be placed worldwide. Each and every implant was placed after a decision made by the surgeon.<br>Will YOUR next decision be the right one?

Dr Greg Peake is a Specialist Periodontist in Canberra.  His practice is restricted to primary and revision implant surgery and he has been exclusively implant based for over 14 years now.  His periodontal training was completed in Melbourne and he has qualifications with both the Royal Colleges of England and Edinburgh.  He is a Fellow of The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and the ITI and currently has a special interest in managing peri-implant complications.

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