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Patric Moberger

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Empowering Your Team for Maximum Engagement

Saturday, 15 September - 12:00pm

Having motivated and engaged staff is the cornerstone to any successful team. In a dental practice, this can also lead to a more productive and efficient practice and a less-stressed practice owner/practice manager. Patric will discuss some of the reasons why your team isn’t engaged and undertake some practical, engaging activities which will help you motivate them so they perform efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Patric holds a Masters in Adult Education and came to Australia (from Sweden) in 1999 to manage the frontline management development programs at Ansett Airlines. Patric has trained over 16,000 frontline staff members at Qantas and has worked with many international businesses in the oil, insurance, retail, food and dental industry. Patric has been with Prime Practice for over 8 years and is the General Manager for Training and Development. He has an in depth knowledge of the needs of a modern dental practice and has extensive experience training dental practices across a wide range of areas including: communication skills, leadership, customer service and learning and development. Patric has facilitated workshops for dentists and their teams worldwide, helping thousands of dentists to create their dream teams.



National Convention Centre Canberra