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Robin Brown

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Regulation of People, Places and Products for the Best Health Care

Friday, 14 September - 4:30pm

Getting compliance with the rules for provision of health service and goods is a shared responsibility between a number of federal and state agencies, professional and industry groups, academic and community organisations.  And increasingly organisations in other nations and international bodies are involved.  But, we do rely heavily on practitioners and consumers themselves to detect problems and provide regulators with complaints. What should we do to optimise detection?  We want complaints about things going wrong.  However, we don’t want the system clogged up with complaints that are invalid for one reason or another.  We want the complaints we need, and we don’t want the ones we don’t!

As a consumer movement leader, as a government official, including as a ministerial appointee on a number of regulatory and policy bodies, and as a consultant, Robin Brown has been involved in Australia and developing countries in consumer policy and regulation for more than three decades including initial establishment of the Consumers’ Health Forum.  Amongst other appointments, Robin currently serves as a community member of the regional board of the Psychology Board of Australia and of the Dental Board of Australia. 

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