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Dr Chris Evans

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Transition To A Digital Practice

Friday, 14 September - 4:30pm

Deciding to integrate digital workflows into the dental practice is often met with intrepidation and concern about how everything will work out. This presentation will consider how best to negotiate some of these difficulties when embracing new technology. The limitations of where the technology is currently at will be discussed and how to streamline simplified workflows will be considered.

Dr Evans graduated from the University of Queensland with first class honours. After 3 years as a dentist in the Royal Australian Navy, and as a general dentist on the Mornington Peninsula, he completed a Master of Dental Science degree in Prosthodontics at Melbourne University, leading to registration as a specialist prosthodontist. He has been in specialist Private Prosthodontic Practice in Brighton, Victoria since 1997.

National Convention Centre Canberra