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Dr Vicki Rozos

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Complaints from the Practitioner's Perspective

Friday, 14 September - 3:20pm

Advisory Services’ core business is comprised of guiding practitioners and assisting and supporting them to respond to complaints. Receiving a complaint is one of the most stressful aspects of practice, and all practitioners dread it. So many are unclear about how to manage complaints, what their responsibilities are and what is and what is not appropriate. Together we will explore how to minimise your risk, and how to address and overcome complaints in the least painful way, as they are becoming a more regular aspect of our day to day practice.

Vicki has been a Peer Advisor with the Advisory Services of ADA NSW Branch since January 2012. She is a general dentist, who has been practising for 25 years and is a fellow of the Pierre Fauchard  Academy, and of the Academy of Dentistry International. Her advisory role involves assisting the membership with the management of complaints in all areas, usually with a medico legal focus and related to a professional indemnity claim. Regulatory complaints can involve the HCCC, the Dental Council of NSW, AHPRA, and  NCAT.

Listen to Vicki on the topic of Complaints from the Practitioner's Perspective in the lead up to the Convention
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