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Dr Alexander Holden

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Ethics And e-Professionalism In The Age Of Social Media

Saturday, 15 September - 2:30pm

Social media is undoubtedly a disruptive technology that has changed the nature of professionalism within dentistry and healthcare provision. This presentation will explore the real nature of social media in relation to how it changes the profession’s relationship with society. Is conduct on social media truly private? Would it be ok to be friends with a patient on Facebook? How can we use Facebook to advertise? All these questions and more will be analysed in this presentation. The increasing use and potential abuse of social media by dental professionals may lead to increased regulatory scrutiny where professional actions online may be perceived to damage the reputation of the profession or violate the rights of patients.

Changing Impressions: The Evolution Of Scope Of Practice And Shifting Boundaries

Saturday, 15 September - 3:20pm

How is the dental profession evolving? This presentation will examine the changing regulatory landscape and the effect this is having upon traditional notions of scope of practice. The development of the role of different professional divisions is something that the dental profession should be aware of and embrace. The positions and developments relating to workforce roles in other jurisdictions will be explored and this presentation will suggest how these changes might develop in an Australian context. In this analysis of current trends, the legal position of dental assistants will be examined along with questions surrounding the boundaries of their practice.

Alexander completed his dental degree at the University of Sheffield in the UK. He then worked in both NHS and Private dental practice whilst completing further qualifications in law and dental public health. Alexander is now an academic at the University of Sydney where he is responsible for teaching ethics, law, professionalism, and communication within the various dental courses provided by the Faculty. He also holds an honorary appointment at the Centre for Sydney Health Ethics. Alexander regularly publishes with the academic literature on ethics, law and professionalism.

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