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Dr James Fernando

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Remineralising Early Lesions Of The Enamel

Saturday, 15 September - 9:00am

Frequent exposure of dental plaque to dietary fermentable carbohydrates leads to a dysbiotic plaque where cariogenic species emerge and commensal beneficial species decline.  This dysbiosis results in an acidic plaque which causes demineralisation of the enamel resulting in white spot lesion (WSL) formation.  High concentrations of fluoride are recommended to prevent WSL formation but high F levels can sometimes seal the surface of the WSL leading to a poorly arrested white spot which can cause a poor aesthetic outcome and patient dissatisfaction.  Furthermore a poorly arrested lesion can progress to a deeper lesion requiring restoration under further acid challenge.  High levels of F are calcium limited resulting in only surface level remineralisation, even in patients with normal salivary flow and quality.  However, a new technology of a saliva biomimetic which delivers bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions in the correct stoichiometric ratio allows deep remineralisation and reversal of WSLs to translucency with high incorporation of F into fluorapatite deep into the lesion.  This talk will provide the scientific evidence to support the technology and make recommendations of how it can be used in clinical practice.

Dr James Fernando graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) from the University of Melbourne. In early 2018 he completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree researching remineralisation of carious lesions under the supervision of Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds. James has presented his research internationally and is a lecturer in cariology at the Melbourne Dental School. He was selected as a finalist in the Early Career Researchers Showcase at the Cooperative Research Centres Association Conference in 2018. He continues to work part time in private practice in addition to his role as a Research Fellow..



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