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Dr Andrei Tutoveanu

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Pain Management and Genetic Differences to Codeine

Saturday, 15 September - 9:50am

Drug interactions receive less attention despite being a common cause for drug toxicity and poor efficacy. Pain management in dentistry can at times be difficult to achieve especially with the ever growing amount of polypharmacy our patients are taking. At what point do we increase the strength of our pain medication or change from a “non-opioid” to a “weak opioid” to then a “strong opioid”…and at what dose? What is evidence-based and what is more school of thought? This lecture will demystify this point using our current evidence base.

Dr Andrei Tutoveanu is a dual qualified and registered Dental practitioner & Pharmacist. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Dentistry, previously attaining a Masters of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Medical Science - specialising in medicinal chemistry. With combined academic and clinical training spanning over a decade. Dr Andrei established a unique and contemporary CPD-accredited “Pharmacotherapeutics” program for the Australian Dental Association (ADA), targeted at both general & specialist dental practitioners of all disciplines. Dr Andrei is an active presenter on the Domestic and International lecture circuits- and holds international recognition in recently heading and cultivating a “Prescribing, Pharmacology and Clinical Therapeutic” program for the KOIS Centre in Seattle, USA.

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